About Digital Opera -
The Platform Alternative

Flexible, Proactive Web Management

Digital Opera is a unique system for website/business owners to get real results online without sacrificing any more of their precious time.

Why We're Different:

Data Rights

We do not look at nor harvest your data. We believe the practice to be sheer evil.

Updates and Tasks

Our Concierge Service takes care of the vast majority, if not all of your website tasks and edits.

SEO Built In

SEO is built into every site we manage and maintain, and you can always ask for more.

Superior Support

We do not have multi-tiered support. The person you contact can help you.

U.S.A. All The Way

All of our people and infrastructure is located in the United States, with the exception of some overseas backup, DNS, and caching servers. 

No Proprietary Software

We use open-source software, sometimes combined with custom code we write for you that you own. 

Optimized At Every Step

Speed, usability, and accessibility are paramount, so we’ve created a system that is optimized from the backbone internet connection all the way to the front-end code of your website. 

Focus on Automation

We love looking for, building & launching new automations for our clients! They save money and the most valuable thing on earth – your time!


We’ve got some of the best engineers & creative types available. The kind of people that recruiters never stop trying to snag but never will because they refuse to work in a big top-down, micro-managed company. 

Limited Number of Clients

That’s right: We know exactly how many customers we can take on and we won’t exceed it until we know our system has expended properly to provide the same level of care to all of them. 

Just the facts:

Zero Salespeople Don’t need them. We’ve grown through automation, online sales, and word of mouth.

29+ Years of Success: 29+ Years of Success: We built software in 1994 and began developing with WordPress in 2005.

Zero Office Space: We’ve eliminated office space and all that goes with it: Office politics and bureaucracy that hinder great work.

We’re in 12 States: We’ve got people from Maine to California, Washington to Florida, and Minnesota to Arizona, and several places in between.

Stellar Infrastructure: Multiple data centers, redundant backbone access, redundant power supplies, 4X a day backups, enterprise-class hardware, and more.

Privately owned: And we intend to stay that way. We don’t see an advantage to a board of directors and shareholders getting in the way. 

The websites and applications we have built and manage earned a whopping


In revenues for people just like you in 2022.


We use only the best, starting from data centers with multiple power sources, backbone internet access, backup generators, and 24/7/365 fully staffed NOC control. 

Our hardware is update date, and we only use enterprise-class CPUs, SSD drivers, and hardware RAID. 

Finally, the partners we choose to house, maintain, secure, and back up your sites are people we have been working with for decades that we trust. 



(Champion of Endless Optimization)

Larry Preston is a business & software developer that founded Randomworx back in 1994, which is now Digital Opera.

These days he works with the team to develop other people’s businesses online, usually taking the role of project manager, or he works on making the experience of working with Digital Opera the best it can be.

He’s also the founder and a partner at Raceday and the author of the best-selling book “Star Fire Kids – Midnight Blue Express.” When he’s not at work, he practices being a happy stoic, an aspiring minimalist, and a recovered big hair 80’s rock star.

Larry Preston, Pre-Optimization

Pre Optimization

Larry Preston - Digital Warrior

Post Optimization

The Tribe of Digital Opera

The Tribes of 1 @ DigitalOpera

Each of our people is successful in their own right, and we chose to work together. We also choose to live in different parts of the U.S., which works very well with covering time zones.

Letting good people concentrate without interruption in a place they do their best work lets each of us enjoy what we love doing all day even more.


Many of our people operate part-time digital businesses that are hosted here at Digital Opera. This allows us to provide our own feedback, without sending you annoying surveys.

Eating our own dog food also helps us to continually improve every aspect of Digital Opera, as well as providing testing grounds for bleeding-edge tech that once we know is stable, we can apply to your website.