A Unique Set of Products & Services
To Help You Succeed Online.

A Unique Set of Products & Services
To Help You Succeed Online.

Digital Opera is not your typical digital agency,
development company, hosting provider, or search specialist.

We do all that, but in a much better way:
Tech Stack Curation

A carefully vetted selection of open-source software tools.

Advanced Marketing

SEO, online ads, social media, placed articles, and much more. 

Focus on Automation

It feels great and makes money to let the computers do the work.

Unicorn Level Talent

Not your garden-variety designers, developers. 

About That Unicorn Level Talent

We only work with the very best. Our vetting/hiring process can be over two years long, and the people we choose are in high demand. So much so that recruiters from big tech are continually trying sneaky new tricks to try and steal them away. 

Our people fit into one of these three categories: 

Digital Opera Ninja Specialists


The more complicated digital business becomes, the greater the depth of skill required for each service.

Some people love to dig deep and stay focused on what they love, be it programming, email marketing, or design. 

These are our specialists, and they are insanely good at what they do. 

Digital Opera Generalists


Specialists, by nature, are people who are curious and want to improve themselves continually.

Sometimes they pick up many specialty skills, and sometimes they become more passionate about many different specialties and not so laser-focused on one.

The result is a person who sees the big picture and can get any portion of it started and see your project all the way through.

Digital Opera Unicorn

Full Stack

Also referred to as “Unicorns,” these people are essentially specialists in the vast majority, sometimes all of the skills needed for a successful digital effort. 

These people are unbeatable at the four-dimension chess game that is digital dev and marketing,  as they are always ten steps ahead. 

With Digital Opera, you’ll get at least one real unicorn working to make you successful.

Work Anywhere

We are firm believers in living where you want to instead of where you have to. To that end, we got rid of our lovely downtown Denver, Colorado office space in 2017. Instead, our teams now work from home in Rhode Island, Minnesota, Oregon, California, Arizona, Florida, and many places in between. 

We are all based in the United States.

Eating Our Own Dog Food

We operate a Software as a Service business called Raceday. In addition, many of our cast members have digital businesses of their own. One of the reasons we decided not to have an office anymore was to operate Digital Opera as a purely digital business. What we learn, we pass on to our clients, including the stack of tools we use to manage Digital Opera.


We've been Digital since day one. Building websites & Custom apps before anyone knew they needed one.


Although the name changed a few times (Randomworx, Fuse Cafe, Podomani), we've been doing this since 1994.


Office spaces. Been there, did that. That's the old way. Distributed teams are the new (and better!) way.


Our people work from ten different states in all the U.S. Time zones.


Carefully curated products and services to help you transform and grow your business online.


Salespeople. Nope. Zero, nada, none. You'll only talk directly to people who can help.
$ 0 +
Just a handful of our small businesses clients earned that much in 2021!

Larry Preston

What I love most about my work is seeing the positive life-changing effects that a thriving, digital business brings to a business owner.

Business owners are just different. They take risks. They stress over every detail. They are often misunderstood. They see opportunity almost everywhere.  I am proud to say I am one of them. 

Starting as a software designer and developer in C/C++, I  found my love of building a business started with deciding what I wanted for my own company: Randomworx.

Randomworx’s first project was developing a database for Yanni so he could market to his fan base.  We also developed software for the University of Minnesota, connected DVDs to internet databases for Simitar Entertainment (all the Godzilla movies!), and hosted websites for hundreds of companies.

In 200-2004, I merged Randomworx with an ISP/Development company and served as the Chief Operating Officer. We had 20 employees and clients like 3M, American Express & Target.  

In 2000, I started a  hobby website and forum that got very popular (40 million page views per day!) and sold it in 2013 to Vertical Scope.

I also released a best-selling book in 2013, and we launched a Software as a Service company that now leads the market for motorsports registration tools. 

I started Digital Opera to be a different kind of digital company that I had always envisioned.

How different? No salespeople. No central office. No employees. Constant learning is required, but college degrees are not. Creativity & design are a way of life, not just for work. Processes, when done right, are dead sexy. Relationships over clients. Cultivated wellness. Marketing that boxes outside the think (feel free to read that last one again!)

Did it work? Oh hell yeah. Changed my life, and the lives of a lot of other people:

In 2021 just a handful of Digital Opera clients had $18 million in online sales. 

So can we provide all pieces and parts needed for a successful digital business for you?

Piece of cake!

Larry Preston

As part of my wellness efforts, I started hiking in as many places as possible, and I still love it. In 2014, I made it to the top of my very first 14,000-foot mountain.