Digital Products From Day 1

In the early 1990s, I started marketing myself as “Randomworx” and picking up various coding jobs.  I quickly realized I needed a product I could sell over and over to avoid selling my soul for lawyer-like hourly charges. I was doing other C/C++ projects at the time, several related to audio on Macs and PCs. […]

NEW: Bigger, Badder, Faster Infrastructure!

New and Improved WordPress Hosting

Big news! Over the next couple of weeks we will be migrating accounts to our new and improved infrastructure! Some of the highlights: Even faster servers with more powerful CPUs and pure SSD storage. Massive WordPress benefits from changing from Apache web server to LiteSpeed Enterprise. New backup infrastructure: Servers will be backed up every […]

All The Services

Digital Opera Services

I’ve updated our product offerings, and it all starts with just listing out the things we do to help our clients grow online. Our fastest growing service is our Premier Webmaster Services:  Under this plan, we become the partner who takes care of all of your online marketing needs, from hosting and maintaining your website […]

No Sales People

There are a lot of reasons why we do not employee sales people or have a sales team. Nothing against sales people or companies that have sales teams – I know some that do great things.  But here are the best two arguments why we do not: First, I just got a voicemail from an enormous digital […]

How to Check if an Email to You is Valid

Phishing attacks happen when a malicious source tries to get you to provide private information by pretending to be a legitimate company, coworker, or someone else you trust. We’ve seen very official looking email that looked like it was from Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Verizon, Target and more that were fake. They often look like […]

Remove Your Salieri’s

There is a name for people who keep trying to drag you down: Salieri’s. Keep your distance, and never share your goals with them.

Don’t Freak Over a Bad Review

Sooner or later you will get an awful review as everyone does. Here’s why you shouldn’t panic over it and what you should do about it.

Taming the Process Beast

Starting to understand the importance of processes for your business? Here’s the easy (and cheap!) way to get started making your life better with process documentation.

Advanced WordPress Developers Meetup

I definitely want to revisit with this group. One of the best WordPress discussions I’ve ever been privileged enough to be part of. The discussion on headless WordPress, REACT & WordPress, front end vs back end developers, and what impact a $15m investment into Gatsby means for WordPress. All that and pizza paid for by […]