Concierge Service

All those annoying administrative tasks taken off your plate.

The Easiest way to keep your website up To date

All of our plans, products and services have fanatical, proactive and protective technical support should your site every be down or inoperative for some reason.

But you’ve got better things to do than adding a user, fixing a footer link, updating your social media link, or  any of the dozens of tasks needed to keep your site up to date, running as fast as can be. We are setup to make those kind of changes blazingly fast, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your time. 

Appearance Issues

Bad spacing, wrong font, wrong image format and much more. 


Reports are made available each month, but you can also check your dashboard, or request a specific report. 

Performance optimization

Image optimization, most cacheing issues, database optimization. 

Administrative Tasks

Add a user, redirect a page, broken links, etc.  

Application Tasks

Fix the dreaded “white page of nothing”, PHP versions, MySQL versions


Theme, plugin and core are all updated as part of any of our plans. Never worry about that again!


Permalink changes, DNS changes, install additional copies of WordPress and more


Setup of tag manager and Google Analytics, SEO meta data optimized.


Swap an image, add a blog post, format a page or post according to your theme, edits to products. 

What's included?

Although not an exhaustive list of all the things we can take care of it with your credits, it’s a great guide. 

Even if it’s not included, we can still help! 

What's excluded?

Concierge Website Service from Digital Opera, the fastest, easiest way to keep everything up to date.
Still not sure what this is and how it works?

Which plan works best for you?

Pick a plan based on how much you think you’ll need per month. We back up your site before we do anything and use your development site where available. Credits go towards each task completed by one of our pros, no matter how long it takes. 

'Lil Extra Help

$ 49 per month
  • 1 Monthly

More Help

$ 79 per month
  • 3 Monthly

Lots O' Tasks!

$ 99 per month
  • 5 Monthly

Holy Moly!

$ 149 per month
  • 10 Monthly

Custom plan

Quotes so fast you may get whiplash.

As Needed

Order as many as you like for a one-time request. 


24/7/365 support for assistance or fixes on WordPress via a subscription.
Regardless of how much time it takes, each task equals one credit. If we determines more tasks are needed to solve the problem, we will let you know to approve the use of more credits.
Almost any administrative, virtual assistant, maintenance, management, reporting, application task that needs to be done on your site.  A list of what is included is here, and here’s a list of what is not included without an additional fee.
When a task is started, the credit is places into an “active” status, until it is completed, using the credit from the month in which the task started. Every month your credits reset and do not roll into the next month.
If you feel it’s a one time issue, you can buy credits ad-hoc, or you you can up your plan to the next level.