We got into tech because we are fascinated with its continual evolution.

JoyLab is where we experiment with ideas and we test  bleeding-edge
tech to discover how and if it may change the world.

Here’s what we are up to now.


Currently using and pushing the boundaries on:

Image and text AI tools we are using: 

Music Creation AI

Check out this AI generated version of my 1989 song “Tragic Dolls” Play it loud! 

AI Video editors/creation tools we are trying out: 

Experimenting with AI

Checking Out...

Possibly more accurate analytics than Google Analytics. 

Additional functionality for subscription based sites. 

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

For all intents and purposes, this is dead. 

I will be surprised if these survive. They are massively expensive to create and the basic problems that have plagued them since the early 2000s are still problems. 


Headless WordPress

Trying 3 different versions of HWP, including developing our own. 


Can a website that is made with the absolute bare *minimum* of tech still be found and get traffic?