No Sales People

There are a lot of reasons why we do not employee sales people or have a sales team. Nothing against sales people or companies that have sales teams – I know some that do great things. 
But here are the best two arguments why we do not:
First, I just got a voicemail from an enormous digital agency today. Actually I’m pretty sure it was a robocall. I looked up the agency and they have hundreds of employees. U.S. based and with a very nice website. It was a real place and the person who left the robocall appears to be a real person. 
I’m not going to mention their name because I don’t intend to embarrass them.
But if  a digital agency has to stoop too robocalls to find new clients, I don’t care how big the agency is, they are doing it wrong.
We don’t have a sales staff because we don’t need one. We get results, our clients refer us, we grow, we help our clients grow, and the cycle repeats.
Does that work for every business? No, of course not. But there are literally thousands of great methods to increase sales that don’t involve being sleazy.
Second, I do know that if a digital agency is employing these tactics, you want to run screaming away from them. If they are doing this, then they are more than likely attempting to baffle their potential clients with technical bullshit to extract the most amount of money out of them in the shortest possible time. 
We don’t do that. We provide actual value instead of working very hard to be a creepy sales firm.
It makes for a better life for everyone involved. I promise.