Private Email

Host & manage your email on our servers and keep big-tech away from them. 

We recommend using a local 3rd party email provider for no other reason than you may need someone local to help you by being in front of the device having issues – like your phone, tablet or desktop. It’s just easier for you. We’ll work with them if there is ever an issue on our end. 

However, most of those 3rd party providers use Google’s Gmail or a Microsoft products.

That means your email is residing on Google or Microsoft servers that they have total access to. For many, that is a security risk or just something that is uncomfortable. 

So we offer this option to keep your email on the same servers as as their website with us. That way only you have access to it, it’s not being scanned, and you can get faster, personal service for your email. 

What's included?

Cpanel access for device setup

For most devices, this gives you “one-click” setup for all your devices. 


Access your email from a browser from anywhere, anytime. 

Deliverability troubleshooting

Someone not getting your emails? We’ll help you trace where the problem is. 

SPAM filtering

Most SPAM is stopped long before you get to it, as our servers crush it. 

Connectivity troubleshooting

Can’t get your email? We’ll help trace where the issue is. 

Blacklist monitoring & resolution

Scams and mistakes can sometimes place your domain on a blacklist that declares you as spam. We fix it. 

What's not included?

Support for setting up or troubleshooting email on your local phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

Private Email

$ 19 per month/per account
  • Webmail
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Unlimited Forwarding
  • Cpanel access for device setup
  • Deliverability Troubleshooting
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Connectivity troubleshooting
Secured, private email with SPAM filtering