Digital Opera Remote Work Policy


This document outlines the terms and conditions for employees who work from a location of their choosing. All of Digital Opera is remote. This remote work policy will remain in effect indefinitely or until we update it, and all working for Digital Opera will be notified of any such change.


This remote work policy applies to all. Digital Opera does not have any direct employees.

Eligibility requirements

Digital Opera requires all associates to work remotely from a location of their choosing. Employees can work anywhere. Positions that are eligible for remote work arrangements must meet the following criteria:
  1. Associate has a viable state business registration in the United States.
  2. Associate must have a U.S. issued EIN (Employee Identification Number
  3. Associates must have passed the Digital Opera Onboarding Process (DOOP)

Work expectations

Digital Opera expects employees that work remotely to:
  • Be available on all hours stated during the DOOP.
  • Respond to communications during those hours in a timely fashion.
  • Certain associates may need 24/7/ 365 emergency availability, or a suitable stand-in if they cannot be available.

Digital Opera expects team members and managers to meet for project standups at the projects pre-arranged intervals.

Equipment and supplies

Digital Opera may provide associates with a significant number of successful projects (as determined by Digital Opera) with hardware, software, office furniture and home office improvements that are essential to their job duties. We expect associates to use equipment and supplies issued by Digital Opera only for business purposes.

Digital Opera is not responsible for incurred expenses associated with working from home, including electricity, internet, heat or air conditioning.

Technical support

Digital Opera provides remote associates who experience technical difficulties relating to company equipment, software or other supplied items via email.

Workspace guidelines

Associates working from home or preferred workspace should keep their workspace free of safety hazards.

Security and confidentiality

Remote associates should take proper measures and precautions to certify the protection of company data, proprietary information and assets.

Travel requirements

Digital Opera may require certain remote associates to attend a meetings, special events or project kick off in person. Digital Opera will reimburse travel expenses as outlined in established travel policies.


Associate compensation will remain the same, regardless of physical location within the United States or Canada. Remote associates are eligible for bonuses based on established company policies

If an employee relocates during their remote work period, financial allotments may change to allocate for relocation at the discretion of Digital Opera.


Failure to fulfill established work requirements or inability to adhere to company policies while working remotely may result in termination of project participation, up to and including the loss of your Digital Opera Associate status.