Our services turn the cacophony of your digital efforts into an inspiring and harmonious symphony of success.


Digital Opera will identify the best opportunities for your small to mid-sized businesses with a struggling digital effort (or none at all). Then we will put the tech, design, processes, and cultural changes in place to help you thrive online.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the road signs and mile markers that tell you if you’re on the right road and getting anywhere. Knowing what indicators are suitable for your unique situation is critical, and we report their progress to you every month. 

By identifying and quickly building your digital product and then launching it fast, we can measure, learn, adjust and release quick and more valuable new iterations. It’s a process that is a game-changer for startups and early-stage investors. 

Branding and the customer experience are essential on every digital “touchpoint” that you have, so we make sure they are great: Emails, receipts, invoices, landing pages, and more are all reviewed and corrected for a smooth, seem less experience.


As your business grows online, the amount of data you’ll have is massive, and you’ll need a way to make sense of it all. Our information architects define a strategy upfront, so it’s not a problem later. It will be much easier to get the right persons to the right content as efficiently as possible.

Best practices, relentless testing, intuition, and experience guide us through all the data to make your website, app, or application the best possible experience for your customers. That keeps them happy and wanting to come back over and over again, leading to your success.

Modern web design goes way beyond a pretty page: Tests for usability, speed, search rankings, user experience, and experience allow us to create production-ready designs right off the bat. And we can do it in under two weeks.

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Clear, concise, and compelling design and solving design issues is something we love to do; We are great at being a solid curator of what to leave in and what to take out. That makes it clean and clear, and it gets results.

Starting with a minimum viable product, we design your software to scale, be easy to maintain, integrate with your systems and processes, and drive accurate results.

If you need a logo, you’ll need a style guide; Style guides give our designers, developers, and marketers the quick reference they need, thus avoiding design decisions where there should be none, saving you time and money.


Fast, lightweight, easy to maintain code that backs up a solid design and makes it work. Our developers have skills from the interface to the database and everything in between.

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We love creating elegant, well-documented, responsive, and modular code for custom applications. We’ve built custom insurance applications, online design tools, booking and reservation systems, and more.

Well-documented database designs so that your data can be used only by you for your website or application. It also makes for better integrations with internal and trusted 3rd party systems.

All the processes, tools, and skills for development and continuous deployment. Automated testing, best practices for Quality Assurance in the cloud, and secure server environments from our much sought-after full-stack staff.

Cross-platform solutions and native iOS and Android apps for larger companies and startups put your business needs into action and get your digital product to market ASAP.

AI comes in several forms, from simple decision trees to highly complex “thinking” applications. We’re always looking at and testing the latest and greatest to put into practice for you.

Part of your digital transformation will come as we build your website or digital product, then monitor how and where to add automation to your website or internal processes to increase efficiency.

From Quickbooks to custom applications, if there is a way we can make your digital and internal systems work in harmony, we will find it and make it work.


Our SEO experts start with researching the keywords and phrases customers are searching with to find you. Then we continually work on that list to find those to drive the traffic to your site from customers ready to buy right now.

B2B, B2C, or eCommerce automation targets the right person at the right time to drive conversions, repeat customers, and new customers to your site. One of our earliest associates had a patent (now sold) on marketing automation.

We can crush your competitors by outperforming and out rankings them using our data-driven method to drive traffic, conversions, and revenues on your site.

We’ve got access to some great writers. They work with our SEO and marketing strategists and analysts to develop custom blog material, social media posts and targeted web pages.

Using “heat maps” and our A/B testing process, we continually increase the value of your design and content based on changing user responses.

Brand recognition, leads, and sales can benefit significantly from a continual and ongoing social media effort. We pick the best platforms for your audience and keep them engaged. We also provide the ideas and know-how to make one of your posts go viral.


We’ve been developing WordPress and WordPress-based websites almost since day one. We’ve found many creative ways to make it faster and infinitely more secure than virtually any other provider.

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We built our systems for speed and security, and when Woocommerce is involved, we have additional tools & processes in place to make it even more secure and blazing fast.

Easy monthly plans that let you worry about your customers, staff, and vendors while we take care of all the updates to your software, content, products, and more that you need help with every month. Cancel anytime, do as much or as little as you like to your website.

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Keep your domain secure, make sure the spammers are not using the information on it to harass you with phone calls or SPAM email, and manage as many as you require from a single account – no more hunting for registrars or passwords!

Increasingly, some big tech companies appear to be abusing their power by arbitrarily cutting companies off. To stop them from doing that to you, our servers, data centers, and backbone connections are redundant many times over. In addition, any 3rd party we work with is vetted and monitored for acting unfriendly towards your business, free speech, or appears to be hostile to the internet remaining free.

We monitor your brand & products online and alert you to anything that may be concerning. We can also get copies of your products taken down, stop the spammers from faking your product listings, monitor reviews, and craft great responses to bad reviews.


Digital Opera’s Webmaster plan gives you a dedicated full-stack web specialist who then works with our entire crew of specialists to identify, then achieve all your goals. 

We then take care of the website, the content (if you prefer, you can provide that), the products, the social media, ad buys, and everything in between. 

You sit back and read the reports, do an online meeting from time to time with us and then focus on your business and customers and leave the digital realm to us.