Hosting + Updates

Add some creative tech warriors to your high-speed ultra-secure hosting to take care of content updates and all the other details.

Why You Need Website Hosting With Updates

Your website is critical to the success of your business, and you’ve got better things to do than babysit your website!

Like all software, your website needs its software to be updated continually. It also requires a constant flow of content updates and enhancements.

All that work can take serious tech & creative specialists – especially if something goes wrong.

Our Website Care Plans give you access to our fantastic tech warriors, and they make sure the website is as fast as a cheetah, can be found on any search engine. Then we help continually update your website with fresh content, products, and information.

All at a tiny fraction of the time and money it would cost you to staff up and do it yourself.

We Provide the Talent, Hardware and Management

We’ll take care of the numerous details required so you can focus on being the rock star that your customers, staff, and vendors have come to know and love.

If you ever need us to restore a backup, we do that as part of your plan. In the highly unlikely your website becomes infected with malware, we will remedy that for free, which could cost over $1,500 without a plan. 

Plus, you get priority schedule access if you need a more significant update, coding, or any of our other services. 


In the meantime, give us a call at (313) 968-1714 to hear about it!

All of Our Care Plans Include Your Hosting, Domain Name, SSL and More:

Content Distribution Network

You automatically get access to the biggest, fastest content delivery networks on the plane to make your website blazing fast.


FREE SSL security certificate, with no additional costs or installation or renewal headaches.

FREE Domain Name

Yoru primary domain is free with your account, no more worrying about renewals or finding the accesss to the domain account.

Rock-Solid Hosting (Included!)

Peace of mind that your site is on the fastest hardware available, with redundant and high-capacity internet access from multiple sources.

Six-Hour Backups

Your entire site will be backed up every six hours and once a week your back up is backed up to another continent.

Constant Monitoring

Our systems and staff will be constantly monitoring your site to make sure it's available and to keep the bad guys away.

Image Optimization

Optimization of your images for the highest-quality that loads as fast as possible on mobile, desktops or tablets.

Javascript Optimization

We'll make sure your site isn't loading more files than it needs to and that those files are as small as possible to keep your website as fast as possible.

Software Updates

Your website theme, plugins and core will be kept up to date. If there's a problem, we'll fix it.

Need More? Custom Programs Welcome.